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Wickmans' Nursery in Närpes, Ohstrobotnia, focus on three market groups;
Wholesale to the Green sector,
Distance selling to private customers and 
Direct selling during the summer from the nursery's Garden-Center.


Wickmans' Nursery was founded 1950 by gardener Jörgen Wickman, who before that got his gardener education in the garden school in Turku. The first years nursery plants in small amounts were produced, and soon also a bit of green house vegetables. When the nursery plants grew more popular in the 1960s the production of vegetables ended and the nursery focused wholeheartedly on the nursery plants. 

Jörgen was already from the start oriented on cutting producing, and when the company 1984 was handed over to the son and present owner, Kjell Wickman, it's worth to mention that the year production was about 80000-100000 cuttings.  The assortment was at this time much narrower than today, but during the later half of the 1970s the nursery had realised that the plant material had to be homogeneous, or, the plants had to be sorted and only the best clones were to be multiplied.

The nursery is in this respect seen as a pioneer in Finland and northern Scandinavia. It has proved to be very wise, since during the 1990s recessions it became important everywhere to be able to offer safe and homogeneous plant clones, which now today is the most important criteria for the customers.  

2002 the Finnish nursery industry started to designate "The quality producer of the year" and Wickmans' Nursery was the first nursery in Finland to receive this award.  

Also the methods and means of production has gone through several development stages lately, which maybe easiest can be illustrated with the fact that during 2006 the nursery produced the same amount of cuttings as in the 1980s, but in 70-80% less time. In 2009, after a renweing of both the machine park and production methods, the capacity of the nursery was again multipled, now with a higher competetiveness. 

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Kjell Wickman in the Garden-Center